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Rainstorms likely to sweep through Hai Duong till weekend

Hai Duong News 01/05/2024 22:17

Hai Duong province is forecast to experience downpours with thunderstorms and gusts of winds from now to the end of the week.

Ngày 1/5, thời tiết Hải Dương có mưa rào vài nơi
Some areas in Hai Duong province experience torrential rains on May 1

Weak cold air combined with aloft wind convergence has brought scattered showers and thunderstorms to Hai Duong province since last night, with rainfall from 7pm on April 30 to 7 am on May 1 from 5 – 10 mm.

Rainstorms are likely to continue sweeping through the province from May 2 – 4, with common rainfall 10 – 30 mm, even higher in some areas.

There is a possibility of whirlwinds, lightning, and gusts of winds during thundershowers.

Heavy rain occurring in a short period of time may cause flooding in urban and low-lying areas and landslides in mountainous areas with steep terrain; break trees; and damage houses, traffic works, and infrastructure.

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Rainstorms likely to sweep through Hai Duong till weekend