Hai Duong Weather Forecast

Hai Duong likely to experience rainy nights and mornings next week

VN 19/05/2024 17:05

It is forecast to be showery and thundery at night and in the morning and sunny in the daytime in Hai Duong province next week.

Mưa lớn cục bộ có thể gây ngập úng tại khu vực đô thị, vùng trũng thấp. Trong ảnh: Đường Mạc Thị Bưởi (TP Hải Dương) bị ngập sau trận mưa lớn tối 12/5
Local downpours may cause flooding in urban and low-lying areas. In the photo: Mac Thi Buoi Street in Hai Duong city is flooded after a shower on May 12 evening

Hai Duong province will experience rainstorms and northeast winds at level 2 or 3 on May 20 due to the influence of a trough being compressed and gradually filled up by part of weak continental high pressure, forecast the provincial Hydrometeorological Station.

Temperature during the day may range between 24 and 31 degrees Celsius.

The continental high pressure is likely to become stable and then gradually weaken from May 21 - 23.

Combined with aloft wind convergence, it is predicted to make Hai Duong cloudy, showery, and thundery at night and in the morning; sunny and less cloudy in the daytime, with level 2 northeast winds and temperature 25 – 32 degrees Celsius.

A western depression tends to develop and expand southeastward above Hai Duong from May 24 – 26, resulting in variable clouds, sunshine by day and scattered showers and thunderstorms by night, with temperature 26 – 33 degrees Celsius.


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Hai Duong likely to experience rainy nights and mornings next week