Five localities finish 4th Covid-19 vaccination phase

MONDAY, 02/08/2021 10:27:15

After five days of implementing the 4th Covid-19 vaccination phase, by the end of July 31, 20,174 people had been immunized, 53 of them got the 2nd shots, and the rest the 1st ones.

Vaccinating a prioritized person against Covid-19 at the Medical Center of Gia Loc district

Five localities completed the 4th Covid-19 vaccination phase, namely Chi Linh city (1,844 people), Kinh Mon provincial town (2,056 people), Ninh Giang district (1,690 people), Kim Thanh district (1,867 people), and Thanh Ha district (1,655 people).

According to a preliminary statistical report of the health sector, this time, about 2,300 people postponed injections due to many factors and will be vaccinated in the next phase, and 191 people could not be immunized because of health reasons.

From March 8 to July 31, more than 117,000 people in the province were injected with Covid-19 vaccines of AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer.

The other localities are actively accelerating the 4th Covid-19 vaccination phase and preparing to launch the 5th phase in the areas.



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