Nissei Technology (Vietnam) Ltd offers good working environment

WEDNESDAY, 01/03/2023 07:02:55

The company’s trade union and employees have ensured occupational hygiene and safety and a green, clean, and beautiful working environment.

A hygiene and safety staff member guides workers on safe production manipulations

The green, clean, and beautiful space of Nissei Technology (Vietnam) Ltd. in Cam Giang district is a very good working environment.

The company’s trade union (TU) was the only unit in Hai Duong province to be awarded an emulation flag by the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor in 2022 for its outstanding achievements in the movement “Green – cleanliness – beauty, assurance of occupational safety and hygiene.”

It has also made excellent achievements in TU movements and care for employees and been awarded certificates of merit and excellent emulation flags by the provincial authorities for many consecutive years, according to the provincial Confederation of Labor.

These are results of the TU’s practical activities to improve the company’s working environment.

The enterprise and its TU set up the Tree Club with more than a dozen of members from various sections.

The club members are responsible for planting and protecting trees, which is included in their working time.

This is one of meaningful activities to enhance employees’ awareness of environmental protection and create beautiful scenes and shade for the company.

Its workers are fully equipped with personal protective equipment such as clothes, helmets, shoes, face masks, respirators, etc.

The employees are given health checkups once a year, while those doing hard and hazardous work alone are entitled to examination for occupational diseases twice a year.

The TU’s Executive Board advised the Board of Directors to offer a monthly allowance of 300,000 VND to each employee working in a closed or stuffy environment and allowances worth 5% and 7% of basic salary to those doing hazardous and especially hazardous jobs, respectively.

Employees are trained in fire prevention and fighting (photo courtesy of the company)

The company’s Occupational Safety and Hygiene Board also launched the finding of potential hazards to have a safe working environment.

Each department must find at least five points carrying potential risks each month and propose improvements.

A safety and hygiene team daily checks all sections, thereby working out timely handling directions for arising problems to ensure stable production and relieve workers’ mind.

Employees of each section monthly measure such indicators as light, temperature, humidity, and dust in their area and inform the maintenance department about indicators failing to meet standards for settlement.

Besides, the company’s fire extinguishers are regularly checked. 

Fire pumps are run at least 10 minutes/ week by the enterprise’s fire prevention and fighting team to ensure good operation in case of fires.

“The TU and the company co-organize a fire prevention drill once a year to improve the employees’ fire prevention and fighting skills,” said TU chairman Nguyen Hong Duong.

Machinery and equipment requiring strict regulations on occupational safety and hygiene are maintained on a scheduled and periodic basis.

Through these activities, the TU and employees have ensured occupational hygiene and safety and a green, clean, and beautiful environment.

“All of us were trained to identify potential risks at our departments to minimize unintended incidents shortly after recruitment. We think this is a very safe working environment,” said Nguyen Thi Doan, a trade-unionist of the company.

Nissei Technology (Vietnam) Ltd. is a wholly Japanese-invested company specializing in manufacturing and assembling all kinds of electronic components and equipment with 970 employees.



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