Hai Duong to mobilize resources to develop culture, sports, tourism

TUESDAY, 14/03/2023 14:32:00

Hai Duong has much potential for the development of culture, sports, and tourism.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Tran Duc Thang concludes the meeting with the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism

Resources should be mobilized to develop culture, sports, and tourism (CST) and boost the economy and society of Hai Duong province.

This was one of important directions of Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Tran Duc Thang at a meeting on March 13 with the CST Department on results of its activities from 2020 to 2022 and some key tasks for the 2023 – 2025 period.

Thang asked the CST Department to be more dynamic and creative to accomplish each task in order of priority, stressing that Hai Duong has much potential for CST development.

He suggested that the department give advice on the implementation of the sector’s programs, projects, and plans that had been approved by the provincial Party and People's Committees.

It is necessary to consolidate and streamline non-business units in the cultural sector and improve their operational quality and efficiency.

Cultural heritage values should be well preserved and promoted to serve the education of traditions and building of humane and modern Hai Duong people in association with tourism exploitation and development.

The provincial Party chief also required attention to preserving and developing traditional arts among young people, fostering and training the next generation.

Focus should be put on giving advice on restoring and embellishing relics, planning and making records for relic classification.

Thang also suggested renovation and upgrading of material facilities for the training of sports teams.

“It is necessary to invest in improving the quality of training and coaching for a number of key and strong sports,” said Thang.

The secretary of the provincial Party Committee required the provincial People’s Committee to direct relevant branches to improve mechanisms and policies on finance, investment, and the State's support for socialization activities to mobilize resources, economic sectors, and people to participate in the CST field.

He ordered strengthening of leadership and direction over the development, supplementation, and perfection of grassroots cultural and sport institutions and replacement of old and outdated equipment failing to guarantee professional quality at several non-business units under the CST Department.

Thang also recommended continuing financial support for the construction of cultural houses for hamlets and residential areas lacking ones; sports fields; etc.

“Local authorities should care about investment in infrastructure to develop high quality and specific tourism products,” added Thang.

Director of the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Nguyen Thanh Trung reports on results of activities from 2020 to 2022 and some key tasks for the 2023 – 2025 period

The CST Department actively and proactively counseled the provincial Party Committee, People’s Council, and People’s Committee to work out and promulgate documents on mechanisms, policies, programs, projects, and plans for CST development in the 2020 – 2022 period, reported director Nguyen Thanh Trung at the meeting.

The program “Promoting Hai Duong’s cultural values and building the provincial people to meet development requirements in the 2021 – 2025 period with orientation to 2030” is a typical example.

The department has well propagandized major holidays and political tasks of the province in particular and the country in general in various forms.

It also recommended the provincial authorities to successfully organize a number of large-scale events bearing the imprints of Hai Duong province.

The movement “All people unite to build a cultural life” has recorded much progress in both breadth and depth in association with the movement “All people unite to build new-style countryside and civilized urban areas”.

Attention has been paid to preserving and promoting the value of cultural heritage.

Mass physical training and sports movements in the province have continued to strongly develop, with 32% of the population regularly practicing sports and 24% of families being sport ones.

Many national and international records in sports have been achieved.

The potential and strengths of tourism are being gradually exploited, contributing to creating specific tourism products for the provincial socio-economic development and introducing and disseminating the culture and people of Hai Duong to numerous domestic and international tourists.

At the meeting, leaders of the province and some relevant branches and units also exchanged views about and clarified a number of proposals, difficulties, and obstacles of the CST Department involving the apparatus, mechanisms, policies, infrastructure, means, and equipment for operation.



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