[Photos] What tasty fruits does Hai Duong have?

THURSDAY, 28/04/2022 15:41:02

Located in the center of the Northern Delta, Hai Duong is not only famous for green bean and ramie cakes but also home to many delicious and nutritious fruits.

Thanh Ha lychees have long been a specialty of Hai Duong. With the expansion of lychee production following VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards, in recent years, Thanh Ha lychees have been exported to many fastidious markets such as European countries, the US, and Japan.

Busy Thanh Ha lychee harvest season

The poetic beauty of Dong Man lychee field in Thanh Khe commune, Thanh Ha district

Together with lychees, Thanh Ha is also well-known for off-season guavas in Lien Mac commune and rosy-pulped pomelos in Lap Le hamlet, Thanh Hong commune.

There are about 500 ha of guavas in Lien Mac commune, including 125 ha cultivated according to VietGAP and concentrated processes. The position of Lien Mac guavas has been enhanced since many supermarkets and convenience stores bought them for sale. Guavas are most delicious when it's very cold, dry, and sunny

Thanh Hong rosy-pulped pomelos are cultivated on an area of 130 ha, concentrated in Lap Le hamlet, including 40 ha certified to meet VietGAP standard. In 2021, despite a lower yield and difficult sale because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Thanh Hong people still earned 24 billion VND from rosy-pulped pomelos

A new crop in Hai Duong, but dragon fruits have been bringing stable income for people in Bach Dang commune, Kinh Mon town

Also in Kinh Mon, That Hung oranges are very popular, especially Canh sugar ones

As one of Chi Linh city's OCOP products, Hoang Tien custard-apples are not only delicious but also special because farmers can make them yield fruit in winter


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