[Photos] An Phu – Kinh Chu – Nham Duong complex

WEDNESDAY, 13/04/2022 14:00:35

An Phu – Kinh Chu – Nham Duong is a special national complex of historical relics and beauty spots in Hai Duong province’s Kinh Mon town.

Cao An Phu temple, situated on the highest peak of the mysterious An Phu mountain range (246 m), is an attractive destination of visitors

The temple worships An Sinh Prince Tran Lieu, father of Hung Dao Great Lord Tran Quoc Tuan, (1211 - 1251)

The temple festival is held on the 1st day of the 4th lunar month, which is also the date of An Sinh Prince Tran Lieu’s death

Hung Dao Great Lord monument on An Phu mountain

Kinh Chu cave was classified as one of the six most beautiful caves in Vietnam

Part of a stele system in Kinh Chu cave, another national treasure of Hai Duong

Nham Duong is a scenic spot with grandiose mountains, uneven cliffs, and dozens of enchanting caves

Nham Duong pagoda area seen from above

Some valuable artifacts discovered in Nham Duong pagoda area

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