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Training associated with labor market

FRIDAY, 09/08/2019 18:04:12

Labor and training is one of the two main sub-indexes that pulled down the 2018 Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) ranking of Hai Duong.

Young laborers can find recruitment information of enterprises through online job transaction floors organized by the Hai Duong Job Services Center

To improve the sub-index, the Department of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs (DoLISA) has taken a lot of measures with special attention paid to building links between vocational education institutions and enterprises.

Low rate of trained laborers

The 2018 PCI of Hai Duong got 60.98 points, ranking 55th nationwide, down six places compared to 2017.

Among 10 sub-indexes, three dropped. Notably, the labor and training sub-index was given only 6.34 points, a decrease of 0.57 points compared to 2017.

A report assessing specific targets of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) showed that the quantity and quality of trained laborers in the province were low. Only 9% of the workforce were trained, 2% lower than 2017's figure.

Activities of job introduction centers have not effectively assisted enterprises in recruitment. Businesses mainly use private services. In 2018, only 47% of enterprises once used employment recommendation services in the province, a decline of 19% against 2017.

Pointing out the cause of this situation, a representative of the DoLISA affirmed that enrollment for vocational education had not met targets compared to the scale of training, especially enrollment to colleges, leading to a reduction in the proportion of college, intermediate, primary, and continuous training graduates to the total workforce. Enterprises and vocational education institutions have not regularly and closely coordinated in associating training with recruitment.

To improve the sub-index, the DoLISA leader has assigned specific responsibilities to related divisions to find the reasons and remedies for the decrease of points of sub-indexes related to their duties.

The department defined promotion of propaganda and coordination between vocational education institutions and enterprises in training, surveying and assessment of labor sources and labor use needs of enterprises in the province to work out training plans in accordance with requirements, and attachment of special importance to training with addresses and following orders of enterprises as the key tasks.

Along with that, the department directed improvement of the efficiency and innovation of the activities of job transaction floors.

Training associated with businesses' needs

There have been many innovations in vocational training in the province. In the photo: Students of Sao Do University can experience reality and attend some modules at companies

The DoLISA has made a plan to associate vocational education with enterprises.

The department targets that by 2020, the rate of trained laborers will have reached 75%, 30% of them will have been certified.

This August, the department will organize a conference to connect businesses with education and discuss measures to associate training with businesses' needs.

According to Nguyen Duc Thai, Head of the DoLISA's Vocational Training Division, over the past time, there have been many innovations in vocational training in the province.

Training at vocational education institutions has come into fact and closely followed recruitment needs of enterprises. The schools proactively connected with enterprises to work out training programs for learners. Many vocational education institutions pledged that the quantity and quality of training would meet the requirements of enterprises and their trainees would be employed after graduation.

Sao Do University has associated with dozens of businesses in training. The enterprises assist the university with equipment and funds for training. Typical examples are Hong Hai Science and Technology Group, Toyota, the limited liability companies of Samsung Electronics Vietnam, Canon Vietnam, Regent Garment Factory, etc.

"To meet the enterprises' requirements, after each term, our university consults them about syllabi, replaces or adds modules, and improves professional skills," said PhD Nguyen Thi Kim Nguyen, Vice Rector of Sao Do University.

"In the course of training, we invite experts of the enterprises to retrain our lecturers and assess the ability of students.

"The businesses coordinate with our university to create conditions for students to experience reality and attend some modules at the companies for 3 - 6 months."

As one of prestigious vocational education institutions in the province, Hai Duong Vocational College is training nine professions.

To be able to connect with foreign businesses, the college has attached special importance to improving the foreign language skills of its lecturers.

This year, Hai Duong Vocational College continues to adjust training programs, models, and methods to connect with businesses more deeply.

To help vocational training meet recruitment needs of enterprises, contributing to improving the labor and training sub-index, Hai Duong needs many more connection models like those of Sao Do University and Hai Duong Vocational College.



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