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Tourist attractions ready to welcome visitors on SEA Games 31 occasion

TUESDAY, 10/05/2022 06:51:01

It is expected that during the 31st SEA Games, a large number of people will visit tourist attractions in Hai Duong. The sites have been prepared to welcome tourists.

Members of the Management Board of Cam Giang Relics prepare hand sanitizers and copies of a book about Great Physician, Zen Master Tue Tinh to give visitors for free

The Management Board of Cam Giang Relics has printed 1,000 copies of the book "Great Physician, Zen Master Tue Tinh with the Special National Relic Complex of Xua Temple – Giam Pagoda – Bia Temple" for presentation to arrivals on the occasion of the 31st SEA Games table tennis competitions hosted by Hai Duong.

"We intend to translate the book into English for presentation to international visitors," said Ha Quang Thanh, Head of the Management Board of Cam Giang Relics.

The Management Board has also prepared hundreds of packets of detoxification tea extracted from medicinal herbs in the Vietnamese traditional medicinal garden of Bia temple and 1,000 bottles of water to give visitors for free.

At Mao Dien Temperature of Literature, the unit has prepared thousands of calligraphy letters and invited calligraphists to give free letters to visitors.

A representative of the Management Board of Kinh Mon Relics said long cakes and kudzu powder had been prepared for presentation to international tourists. This is a new feature to help visitors feel the friendliness of Hai Duong people.

The 31st SEA Games is not only a major sport and cultural event of the country but also an opportunity to popularize the image of the land and people of Vietnam in general and Hai Duong in particular.

In addition to gifts for visitors, tourist attractions have also prepared many booths to sell and display specialties of Hai Duong.

The Management Board of Con Son - Kiep Bac Relics has planted 1,000 more bougainvillea trees in Kiep Bac relic site to create a scenery attractive to visitors

The Management Board of Con Son – Kiep Bac Relics is selling lotus tea and providing tea enjoying services at Kiep Bac temple, selling green bean cakes, ramie cakes, dried lychees, etc. 

The Management Board of Kinh Mon Relics has booths selling glutinous rice, kudzu powder, onions, garlic, ostrich eggs, black garlic vermicelli, etc.

The Management Board of Cam Giang Relics is ready to coordinate and provide free support for international tourist groups wishing to visit trade villages like Dong Giao carpentry and Phu Loc wine and an export carrot processing zone in Duc Chinh commune.

The Management Board of Con Son – Kiep Bac Relics is also willing to assign guides to accompany international tourist groups wanting to explore localities in the province.

To date, management boards of tourist attractions in Hai Duong have basically cleaned the sites and hung banners to welcome the 31st SEA Games. Some places even care about renewing the landscape by planting many more flowers and ornamental plants.

Top priority is given to ensuring the safety of visitors, especially international athletes and fans, to tourist attractions.

The thoughtful preparation of tourist attractions to welcome groups of visitors during the 31st SEA Games will certainly leave a good impression on them, contributing to introducing and propagating the provincial culture, developing tourism, and attracting investment.



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