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Hai Duong jubilantly welcomes SEA Games 31

SATURDAY, 14/05/2022 06:04:51

To date, all preparations for the 31st SEA Games table tennis event in Hai Duong have been completed.

A musical item at the rehearsal of the opening ceremony of the 31st SEA Games table tennis event at the provincial Gymnasium on May 12 evening

The province is ready to warmly welcome the SEA Games with the best things.

At many meetings held to review the organization of the 31st SEA Games, special attention was paid to reception, accommodation preparation, practice, manners and attitude of service and logistic forces, etc. By well doing the work, the fine cultural value of the land and people of Hai Duong will be spread more widely.

On May 11, Tee Lip Hian, head of the Malaysian table tennis team, got in a car to Nam Cuong Hotel in Nam Dinh province instead of the car to Nam Cuong Hotel in Hai Duong.

As soon as hearing the news, the Organizing Committee of Hai Duong province sent cars to pick up Tee Lip Hian, including a guiding car of traffic police.

The Organizing Committee chose Nam Cuong – the largest hotel in Hai Duong with experience in serving many high-level international delegations – as the accommodation for all sport officials, referees, and athletes, including those from Vietnam.

Before delegations' arrival in Hai Duong, plans to ensure safe and smooth traffic were surveyed. Traffic police practiced guidance along routes from the hotel and practice venue to the provincial Gymnasium and vice versa.

The health sector mobilized about 100 doctors and medical workers and equipment to be on duty and planned to requisition and get hospitals ready for support.

Hai Duong city authorities attached special importance to urban embellishment. Gateways to the city, the central area, and main roads were repaired, paved with stones, and decorated with flowers, trees, and mascots.

Local people were mobilized to hang the national flag, and thousands of red flags were hung along streets, roads, at intersections...

For players to compete and practice in the best conditions, the provincial Gymnasium was repaired and renovated from the end of November 2021, including the addition of a standard lighting system.

The live broadcast area and the Press Center are also ready to welcome domestic and international reporters.

According to Dinh Quang Linh, coach of the Vietnamese table tennis team, the venue meets requirements of an international tournament, from equipment to lighting, referee and playing tables, etc.

"Hai Duong is the cradle of table tennis in the country and three key players of the team are Hai Duong natives, including Doan Ba Tuan Anh, Nguyen Duc Tuan, and Bui Ngoc Lan, so fans' support will be very enthusiastic. With such favorable conditions, the team will try their best to bring glory to Vietnam," said Linh.

The 31st SEA Games table tennis event is taking place from May 13 to 20 in Hai Duong, attracting 76 players.

The opening ceremony is scheduled for 8 pm on Saturday, May 14, at the provincial Gymnasium and will be broadcast live by the Hai Duong Radio-Television Station and on a LED screen at the Xu Dong Cultural Center.



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