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Hai Duong holds “Old Vietnamese Tet” exhibition

THURSDAY, 12/01/2023 09:28:01

The Hai Duong provincial Museum opened an exhibition themed “Old Vietnamese Tet (New Year)” on January 11 morning.

Provincial leaders cut the ribbon to open the “Old Vietnamese Tet” exhibition

The exhibition consists of three parts.

In part I are exhibits depicting "The space of old Vietnamese Tet" with two themes, “Tet festival” and “Tet reunion”.

Delegates and a large number of people and students attend the opening ceremony

On display in the “Tet festival” zone are documents, objects, photos, and paintings about customs, practices, and rituals of Vietnamese people to celebrate Tet, such as a farewell ceremony for Tao Quan (Kitchen Gods), erection of a cay neu (tall bamboo pole), New Year's Eve party, etc.

An old penman performs calligraphy at the exhibition

In the “Tet reunion” zone, there are documents, objects, and photos of activities in preparation for Tet in every Vietnamese family with unique spaces.

In part II, 52 artistic ceramics by members of the Hai Duong Artistic Ceramics Club are introduced to visitors.

Some agricultural product stalls recreate a rural Tet market in the yard of the provincial Museum

Part III is the space of an old Tet market with some stalls selling essential Tet items like paintings, panels of cau doi (parallel sentences) or calligraphic words, worshipping objects, jam, confectionery, etc.

The provincial Museum selected nearly 200 precious objects and photos for display at the exhibition. Those are unique traditional cultural features and the Tet market space of Vietnamese people in the Northern Delta, including the old Xu Dong – present-day Hai Duong.

The “Old Vietnamese Tet” exhibition is attractive to many students

The “Old Vietnamese Tet” exhibition at the provincial Museum will last until February 6.



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