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Con Son - Kiep Bac in the eyes of RoK visitors

FRIDAY, 10/02/2023 14:53:47

This year’s Con Son - Kiep Bac Spring Festival has welcomed not only tens of thousands of domestic tourists but also guests representing the authorities of Suwon city, the Republic of Korea (RoK).

Members of the Suwon delegation try Phu Loc wine, a specialty of Cam Giang district, at the Culture, Tourism, and Trade Promotion Week within the framework of the Con Son - Kiep Bac Spring Festival

The relics’ festive atmosphere and remarkable cultural and historical values left strong impression on the visitors.

This was the first comment of Park Yong Min, Director of the Administrative Support Division of Suwon city, head of the delegation, upon attendance in the festival.

It was his first visit to Vietnam as well as Con Son - Kiep Bac, so Park clearly perceived cultural similarities and special values of the architecture and landscape of the special national relic complex.

Witnessing competitions of seven clay firecracker teams at the festival, Park was surprised to see muddy farmers enthusiastically make and play firecrackers with his own eyes.

Members of the Suwon delegation offer incense at Tay Nhac temple during a heaven-earth sacrificing ritual on Ngu Nhac mountain

“There is a folk festival on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month in the RoK with many games, such as wood throwing and archery, but we don’t play clay firecrackers,” said Park Yong Min.

“This might be a special folk game that only exists in a few localities.

“Buddhism is also very popular in the RoK; therefore, I can see cultural similarities between Vietnam and the RoK more clearly through this festival.”

Attending Con Son - Kiep Bac festivals on all three visits to Vietnam, Lee Hyung Seok, an international relations specialist of the Administrative Support Division of Suwon city, said he realized a clear change in the landscape, atmosphere, festival scale as well as arrangement of the relics after four years.

Lee said Con Son relic was quite messy on his first visit in 2017 but neat, clean, and scientifically arranged then while preserving the solemnity of a place of worship, similar to relics in the RoK.

The Suwon delegation hears introduction of the temple of Tu Do (Minister over the Masses) Tran Nguyen Dan in Con Son relic area

Lee Hyung Seok, Park Yong Min, and other members of the delegation took part in a lot of events in the framework of the Con Son - Kiep Bac Spring Festival, such as the opening ceremony, a heaven-earth sacrificing ritual on Ngu Nhac mountain, the clay firecracker festival, etc.

Through the events, the guests from Suwon city shared the same feeling about Hai Duong, which has rich cultural traditions, unique heritage, and hospitable and open-minded residents. They were very impressed and still remembered the smiles and greetings of unknown tourists they came across during the trip.

Since establishment 19 years ago, the diplomatic relationship between Hai Duong and Suwon city has been further consolidated and expanded, especially in economy.

At this year’s Con Son - Kiep Bac Spring Festival, the Suwon delegation has completed all activities scheduled.

Park Yong Min realized many similarities between Con Son relic and temples and pagodas in the RoK in landscape and regretted that he did not have time to learn more about the history of Con Son - Kiep Bac relic site.
“However, I will definitely tell my friends and family in the RoK this wonderful landscape. I will return to Con Son - Kiep Bac if possible,” added Park.


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