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Chi Linh’s potential for picnics

SUNDAY, 23/10/2022 07:01:17

Convenient transport, many camping sites with beautiful scenery, cool and fresh air, etc. are Chi Linh’s advantages to lure picnickers.

The area around Con Son lake in Cong Hoa ward is chosen for picnics by many people

Con Son lake in Cong Hoa ward is a popular picnicking site thanks to its closeness to the special national relic site of Con Son – Kiep Bac, a large pine garden surrounding, fresh and cool air, and a flat terrain.

Despite their busy jobs, Nguyen Trung Kien in Tran Hung Dao street, Sao Do ward, and his colleagues often have a picnic right in Chi Linh.

“Con Son lake has a beautiful landscape, suitable for weekend camping, so we organize one self-sufficient picnic every month or more,” said Kien.

“Coming here, both adults and children can mingle with nature and fresh air and relax after tiring working and studying days.

“Moreover, through each picnic, we are further attached and understand each other more.”

In the form of self-sufficient tourism, Nguyen Thi Chung in An Duong Vuong street, Hai Tan ward, Hai Duong city, and her friends often choose new and little-known camping sites for exploration together.

Lang Che lake in Hoang Tien ward is one of the places selected by Chung’s group last weekend. The area is quite large and comfortable thanks to a tree-shaded, cool, and deserted road surrounding the lake.

“With simple belongings, we just need to choose the weekend with the largest number of people available to go camping. Chi Linh has many beautiful spots that are suitable for picnics," said Chung.

Chi Linh is considered the most beautiful in this season for its beautiful scenery and cool climate. The city has not only Con Son lake but also many other ideal places for camping, such as the road to Thanh Mai forest in Hoang Hoa Tham commune, the trail to Ban Co Tien (Fairy Chessboard) in Con Son relic site, the road around Lang Che lake in Hoang Tien ward, a re (artemisia annua) field in Cong Hoa ward, etc.

However, picnics in Chi Linh are mainly spontaneous and self-sufficient. There is a lack of accompanying support services such as tent renting and food and drink services as well as travel agencies exploiting picnics.

It can be seen that Chi Linh still has great potential for tourism, especially resorts and experiences, which, however, has not been awakened.

To bring into play the tourism advantages, apart from large projects, Chi Linh city authorities should pay attention to calling for investment in small projects on experience tourism to utilize the locality’s strengths, including encouragement of people to participate in developing community-based tourism.



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