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[Photos] Precious gift from Eastern land

THURSDAY, 12/05/2022 07:01:22

Having a hundred years of history, Hai Duong's banh dau xanh (mung bean cake) has so far still affirmed its position in the giftware market.

In 1922, Bao Hien-branded banh dau xanh was put on sale, marking the first milestone in the birth and development of the brand in particular and banh dau xanh making in Hai Duong in general

The traditional banh dau xanh is made from very simple ingredients, including mung bean, sugar, and lard, which are appropriately mixed, compressed, and cut into small blocks before the pieces are packaged

Besides the original taste, some producers have added new flavors like lotus seed, tea, coconut, etc. for customers to have more options suiting their preferences

To date, many small banh dau xanh producing households have turned into strong businesses, and banh dau xanh is no longer only a trade village product but also the culinary quintessence and a characteristic of Hai Duong province

The provincial banh dau xanh has become a common but meaningful gift, showing the giver's respect to the recipient. Moreover, it is also chosen by many people for offering to their ancestors

To meet the need of using banh dau xanh for festivals and worshipping, businesses have renewed designs and replaced paper boxes with those shaped like gold ingots, lotus flowers, trees of fortune, etc.

Minh Ngoc Golden Dragon Trading JSC. is the first enterprise in Hai Duong to have exported banh dau xanh to Japan. In recent years, a number of enterprises have bravely approached new markets like the US, Japan, and Australia to seek opportunities to take the traditional specialty to the world

Perhaps banh dau xanh making is the most developed traditional profession in Hai Duong up to now. Banh dau xanh is also produced in many localities, but none of them is as famous as Hai Duong. It is simplicity but sophistication that helps banh dau xanh of Hai Duong win the heart of consumers

Hai Duong's banh dau xanh has been recognized as a gift specialty of Vietnam and honored to be listed among Asian gift specialties. This is the result of perseverance, effort, and creativity to bring the best products to users

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