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[Photos] Kinh Mon's vitality

FRIDAY, 22/07/2022 15:00:04

Becoming a town in November 2019, Kinh Mon has been rising and strongly developing industry, handicraft, agriculture, commerce, services, and tourism.

As a young and dynamic urban area, Kinh Mon has a fresh and vital beauty with its own unique features.

Kinh Mon has both plains and rocky mountains with beautiful caves and famous relics such as Cao An Phu temple, Kinh Chu cave, and Nham Duong pagoda, which are advantages for the locality to develop tourism

An Phu ward is as beautiful as a picture

Thanks to their diligence and acumen, Kinh Mon farmers have made unique agricultural products. In the photo: Thuong Quan kudzu powder is famous for being fragrant, cool, and healthy

Kinh Mon onion and garlic has become a well-known "brand"

Kinh Mon also has industrial development strengths with leading enterprises like Hoa Phat Hai Duong Steel JSC.

Duong canh and Vinh oranges and Dien pomelos grown according to VietGap standard in That Hung commune bring high economic value to local people



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