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[Photos] Colorful March flowers in Hai Duong city

MONDAY, 06/03/2023 14:58:40

It is not necessary to go far as streets across Hai Duong city these days are full of flowers.

Hai Duong city streets have been adorned with flowers from various regions of the country in recent years. March is the time when many flowers bloom, giving the city poetic scenes.

Striking Tay Bac ban (bauhinia) flowers in many urban areas and streets of Hai Duong city

Vo Nguyen Giap boulevard is colored by ban flowers

Young people take beautiful photos in the park of Nam Cuong eastern urban area without having to go far

Newly-planted phong linh (Caribbean trumpet) trees in the southern residential area of Viet Hoa ward have bloomed

A prominent sua (dalbergia tonkinensis) tree in Bach Dang park

Sua flowers are pure white, quickly bloom but also quickly fade, and sometimes paint the sky white after only one night

So do cam (Spathodea campanulata) trees are grown along several streets in Dai An industrial park

So do cam flowers are likened to fires in the air


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